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  • “BAKIBAKI pattern works are simply symbols rather than paintings.”

    This statement will help to understand the essence of BAKIBAKI concept.Writing one’s name is the most symbolic representation of the personality.On the one hand, we write name on papers such as signature on the contracts or asking autograph of someone we admire.On the other hand, street artists tag their name on surfaces of cities.”Tagging” is speechful expression of artist’s presence, and those tagged symbols will have various meanings once it has done on walls.BAKIBAKI works become a part of continuous story on human’s creation,and it would be appeared as a message in a bottle when passed on to the generation centuries after. We would never know future perspective on BAKIBAKI symbols, however we do know artist’s messages have been spread around the world.And logs of the messages will be rooted onto stream of time eternally.
    Text by Kawako Hasegawa

    BAKIBAKI / Kohei Yamao

    Born in Osaka in 1978, graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2003. Acting on live paintings, mural paintings and workshops with the theme of communication born on the spot and objects by applying original geometric patterns.

    1978Born in Osaka
    2003BFA, Kyoto City University of Art

    Selected works.

    2001 Live-Painting DUO "DOPPEL" is started.
    2005 Live-Painting "Canada vs Japan Live-Paintng Expo" at ExpoA ichi.
    Group Exhibition "digmeout STRIKES BACK!"at Compound Gallery, Portland, U.S.
    2007 Exhibition "Stand by me"at Asanoha, Tokyo.
    Exhibition "Yokubou-no-Kamatari" at Japonica, Kyoto.
    Live-Painting "Rakuten Golden Eagles" at Fullcast Studium,S endai.
    2009 Live-Painting "moebius.jp" at Kyoto International Manga Museum.(Archives)
    Live-Painting at "Greyone Arsenal",Taiwan.
    2010 Mural "ZARA" Shibuya, Tokyo.
    Illustration "So-en" Bunka Publishing Bureau, Tokyo.
    Mural "cafe 1001" London, UK.
    Live-Painting "Zoophoniq" Bretagne, France,
    Exhibition "ARAHABAKI" at Kouji-machi Garou, Tokyo.
    2011 Exhibition "BAKIBAKI Exhibition" at Juno, London, UK.
    Live-Painting "Ki Zuna" at Maria, Berlin, Germany.
    Exhibition "Re:Yokubou-no-Kamatari" at mograg garage,Tokyo.
    Traveling Exhibition "Ancient Future" Tokyo,Sendai,Osaka,Kyoto,Kanazawa,Nagasaki.
    2012 Group Exhibition "Visualizer" at Galaxy Gallery, Osaka.
    Mural "OKUPA VISUAL PROJECT" in Oaxaca, Mexico.
    2013 Live-Painting"Tensai108"Zojoji-Temple, Tokyo
    Exhibition "Yokubou-no-Kamatari 3" at amp + oniwa,Tokyo.
    Exhibition "IBUSHI-GIN" at DMO ARTS, Osaka.
    2014 Group Exhibition "BCTION" at New-Kojimachi Building,Tokyo. 
    Group Exhibition "7senses" at Ebisu Mitsukoshi,Tokyo. 
    Two-person exhibition"934" at Kojimachi Gallery,Tokyo.
    2015 Exhibition "Tsubakimono" at Division,Kyoto.
    Graphic "Hakua" projecshon-mapping for Himeji-jo Castle, Hyogo
    Group Exhibition "Tongari-no-susume" at Shinjyuku Isetan,Tokyo. 
    Mural "DougoyART" at Dougokan, Ehime
    Mural "POW! WOW! TAIWAN" at Tainan, Taiwan
    2016 Mural "Tainan City Museum of Art" at Tainan, Taiwan
    Live-Painting "Ku-Soh Kyoto” at transpark, Taipei, Taiwan
    Mural "AIR MAX CON TYO" at BROOKS CAFÉ, Tokyo
    Mural"ANTEROOM KYOTO" Kyoto
    Exhibition "Biwako biennale"Shiga
    Live-Painting "The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto
    2017 Exhibition "ARHBK POP UP 2017" COCONANI / IGAO, Tokyo
    Live-Painting "ARTS CLUB" Madrid, SPAIN
    Mural "MOTHER SHIP" Barcerona, Spain
    Mural "BARTKIRA PARIS" GALERIE CORRAZZA 1787, Paris, France
    Mural/Exhibition "URBAN SPREE" Berlin, Germany
    Mural "Art Project Takasaki" Gunma
    Exhibition "Animal Sequence" Pine Brooklyn Osaka, Kamp Okayama
    Exhibition "Monochrome" y.gion, Kyoto
    Mural "YAMBARU ART FESTIVAL 2017" Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School, Okinawa